Zybersafe ApS

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Zybersafe ApS specializes in encryption solutions that protect data transmissions to critical business units with security needs beyond enterprise level. Zybersafe encryption enables segmentation of secure data transmission from other data traffic on shared ethernet links with guaranteed data integrity.

Our hardware encryption appliances are
- uncompromisingly secure
- easily deployed with no need for changes on existing it-infrastructures
- protected against human error
- powerful with no impact on your ethernet throughput
- protecting 1G, 10 G and 100 G data links

Zybersafe interoperates with existing fiber and/or MPLS infrastructure to strengthen the movement of data across cost-advantaged open networks. Secured connections across satellite, fixed, or wireless networks can be done with greater flexibility and agility than traditional connections.

Zybersafe ApS is a Danish vendor and our solutions are designed and built in Denmark. We operate worldwide through partners. We are headquartered in Taastrup.

Kontaktperson hos Energy Innovation Cluster

Thomas Vohs-Ahlers
Project Manager
+45 53 89 20 50