Zybersafe ApS

Zybersafe protect the integrity of data traversing wan connections between control systems in critical infrastructure. Our solution supports the separation between the Operational Technology network and the administrative IT network.

Data can be manipulated or stolen under transmission on data connections. Zybersafe guarantees that data leaving one point arrives untouched at the destination point.

Our encryption is the highest commercially available, encryption keys are humanly inaccessible, and deployment is plug and play.

To summarize our Solution:
- Developed and manufactured in Denmark
- Dedicated appliance (1U box) in 1GE, 10GE and 100GE Ethernet variant
- The network architecture of the encrypted link is a Layer 2 Point-to-Point connection.
(Dark fiber, EoMPLS, Ethernet Wire Service, L2 VPN, VPLS)
- Operates at wire speed up and is transparent to network media traffic and protocols (e.g. Multicast, Voice/Video)
- Plug-and-Play installation. No CLI/Web Configuration required. Works as a blackbox.
- Total isolation of encryption keys from human interaction

Kontaktperson hos Energy Innovation Cluster

Thomas Vohs-Ahlers
Project Manager
+45 53 89 20 50