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Unisense is a leading producer of sensors.

Big data opens a world of possibilities for operators of offshore platforms, land-based oil wells and refineries, enabling them to respond to the still increasing demands for cost effective and safe production.

Our IMEC™ sensors are robust, industrial-grade hydrogen sulfide (H2S) sensors for liquid and gas phase measurement, and they are as such a key enabling factor to engage cost effective management of H2S in the gas industry.

The concentration of H2S in gas is a key input to true intelligent dosing of scavenger chemicals and solvents, and to run big data maintenance programs of pipe exchange etc. Therefore, operators engage vast amounts of labor-intensive sampling as well as installation of different types of gas phase sensors to monitor the concentration of H2S in the gas before exporting. Unfortunately, most other gas sensors available were developed for work place safety (personal safety equipment), and when they are applied upstream for the control of scavenger chemical dosing, they fail, mainly due to the harsh conditions of high temperature, high H2S concentration and high pressure.

The unique electrochemical technology and heavy duty design of the IMEC™ enables in-line measurement in petrochemical liquids and gases under harsh conditions up to very high concentrations

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