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Strenov Produkter ApS focuses on high alloy steel solutions custom-made for high demanding parts and applications. We offer rotational cast, sand or lost wax castings and forgings.

Our rotational cast technology opens up new opportunities. We can offer customized tubes in your specified dimensions and in various high alloyed materials for the offshore industry incl. gas, oil, subsea and wind. The advantages of rotational cast are special steel alloys (also customized to your needs), i.e. with higher corrosion resistance, higher heat resistance, higher abrasion resistance or higher pressure. We can also supply standard alloys like duplex and superduplex.These custom-made parts can be produced with short delivery time in both small and large quantities.

The advantage of centrifugal casting is the extremely homogeneous material in many different alloys, even at relatively small amounts. Moreover, centrifugal cast steel has excellent mechanical properties. We offer composite / duo castings, and have NORSOK on duplex material.

Futhermore, Strenov Produkter ApS offers casted parts (sand or lost wax) up to 20 tons in high alloyed steel, i.e. duplex or superduplex. (NORSOK on duplex material).

We also deliver forged parts in either press forging or drop forging for the offshore industry.

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Gustavo Ferraz de Luna
Senior Project Manager, International Projects
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