Ocean Team Windcare A/S

Ocean Team Windcare is your international partner for specialized cleaning of fluids and technical fluid-carrying systems. In-depth experience grants us to develop customized purification methods, especially for use in the hydraulic, lube oil and process systems in the wind industry.

Ocean Team Windcare is a result-oriented technology provider based on in-depth knowledge. Since the first operation in 1999 we have accumulated an extensive know-how and have become one of the world’s leading suppliers of total purity systems, availing Fill-for-Life lubrication, analysis program, consultancy, education, oil changes, grease replenish, chemical cleaning, change of cooling liquid, up-tower gear box flushing, endoscopy services and customized solutions.

Kontaktperson hos Energy Innovation Cluster

Johannes Kromann Bie
Project Director
+45 50 99 99 28