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Ocean Team Group is comprised of the divisions Ocean Team Scandinavia, Ocean Team Powertech, Ocean Team Fluidcare UK and Ocean Team Windcare who have in common, in each of their specialized markets, that they are your international partner for specialized cleaning of fluids and technical fluid-carrying systems.

In-depth experience grants us to develop customized purification methods, especially for use in the hydraulic, lube oil and process systems in the energy sector, heavy industries, maritime industries and in the wind industry.

Ocean Team Group is a result-oriented service company based on in-depth knowledge. Since the foundation of the company in 1995 we have accumulated an extensive know-how and have become one of the world’s leading suppliers of total purity systems such as: Purifying with super critical CO2, chemical cleaning – and cleaning-in-place, hot flushing, video inspection, hydro jetting, mechanical cleaning, hydraulic flushing, and cleaning of ‘live-systems’ incl.: Produced water systems, closed cooling water systems, seawater cooling systems, flow lines, vessels, coolers and heat exchangers. – Moreover, for offshore and onshore WTGs we have specialized in fill-for-life lubrication, analysis programs, consultancy, education, oil changes, bearing flushing, grease replenish, chemical cleaning, change of cooling liquid, up-tower gear box flushing, endoscopy services and customized solutions.

It is easy to contact us 24/7 on tel. +45 75 18 00 77!

Kontaktperson hos Energy Innovation Cluster

Johannes Kromann Bie
Senior Project Manager
+45 50 99 99 28