North Sea Hagland Shipbrokers

Privat Virksomhed

In Shipping since 1976

North Sea Hagland Shipbrokers commitment to innovate the industry with technology and new concepts has made us the ideal partner to realise any chartering, sale and purchase demands with dedication and reliability.

North Sea Hagland Shipbrokers are supporting Maritime projects worldwide for the successful implementation of your long-term Offshore business plan that needs a partner with a clear and realistic strategy.

Key succes factors
- Clear allocation and guidance of duties and targets between the partners.
- Seamless cooperation between partners to achieve the joined targets.
- Transfer and development of relevant engineering know-how for turn-key solutions.
Cost efficiency.
- Optimised balance of short response times and long-term planning for new projects.

Kontaktperson hos Energy Innovation Cluster

Louise Hinrichsen Thorsen
Event & Membership Manager
+45 26 12 96 09