NorSea Denmark A/S

Privat Virksomhed

NorSea Group Denmark is one of Europe’s leading multi-service suppliers to the offshore industry. We operate 12 supply bases in the North Sea. Our base in Esbjerg is Denmark’s largest.

We are a part of NorSea Group – a global supplier of base operations and full-service logistics solutions with 50 years’ experience and financial capacity. NorSea Group is owned by one of the world’s largest maritime industrial groups, Wilhelmsen, and the shipping companies, Møkster and Eidesvik.

As an experienced and reliable one-stop shop, NorSea Group Denmark aims to set new industry standards of efficiency and safety. We supply all types of logistics solutions and base services to the offshore sector in the North Sea and beyond.

We seek to drive greater productivity by means of digitalisation and automation – and the principles of sharing services and assets within the group.

Anchored in a thorough understanding of our customers’ commercial interests and needs, we continuously innovate to produce safe, profitable solutions.

Kontaktperson hos Energy Innovation Cluster

Johannes Kromann Bie
Senior Project Manager
+45 50 99 99 28