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Visual Communication
We visualize your ideas and challenges, whether it is a new industrial product, an innovative logistics system or a complex information system. Visualization means getting a overview, to see the full picture and be able to show others. Visual formats can be; sketch, 2D, 3D, video and 3D animated videos.

Visual Support of R&D Process
We apply visualization as a continuous service throughout a R&D process. The continuous visualization of new idea and challenges enables our customers exploit all knowledge available within the collaborating team. Visualization means better decision-making, as the visualization bring down the complexity of the subject, and allows for better knowledge sharing. This service is relevant for in relation to R&D projects of great complexity and where multiple stakeholders are involved in the development process.

Innovation Management
Centered around our service of visual support throughout the R&D process, we take the role as project managers. We enable our client to free internal resources, and have a transparent and efficient development process taken care of by KIRT THOMSEN.

Kontaktperson hos Energy Innovation Cluster

Henrik Böhmer
Project Manager
+45 42 14 91 76