Grønlands Arbejdsgiverforening (GA)


The Employers' Association of Greenland (Grønlands Arbejdsgiverforening - GA) is handling the interests of the trades and industries in Greenland.

500 companies are members representing over 6000 workplaces. GA is an interest organisation working to create the best conditions for the trades and industries thorough influence on the political system.

GA is a service organistion offering legal and econimic advice to the members. GA is an employers' association helping to secure ordely conditions in the labour market, e.g. handling agreements.

GA is taking active part in business development and networking activities, e.g. planning conferences and seminars, and participating in international conferences within the growing new businesses in Greenland: minerals and oil & gas.

Kontaktperson hos Energy Innovation Cluster

Johannes Kromann Bie
Project Director
+45 50 99 99 28