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The idea for Geemit arose in Denmark in 2016 based on experience from CSK Group. At CSK Group, we have maintained, preserved and handled expensive and critical equipment for clients in the energy sector. One of our major clients challenged us to sell some of the equipment that we were maintaining, and we accepted the challenge and have brought life to a new concept under the banner of “From warehouse to share house”. We named this concept Geemit.
Geemit is based on the idea of sharing resources. Visualizing hidden resources and ensuring these assets are accessible to the market.
Geemit is your partner of choice. Geemit will connect industries, visualize all these items, bring them back into the market, and save any type of operation huge costs.
Geemit offers:
Safe and secure trading
Huge cost savings
Reduced lead times
Professional platform for trading and sharing
Geemit additional services:
Professional pricing of all items
Stock optimization – defining excess items for sale
Documentation review
Cleaning and preservation
External warehousing / bonded stock
24/7 Geemit assistance
Our staff has the education and training to support you with skills ranging from marine engineers and turbine technicians to purchase and logistics. We look forward to visualizing your hidden resources and bring them to market.
“Together we can do better”

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Louise Hinrichsen Thorsen
Event & Membership Manager
+45 26 12 96 09