Dynamica Ropes

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Dynamica Ropes Aps manufactures ropes and rope slings braided with the high technology fiber called Dyneema (UHMwPE), delivered from DSM in Holland. DYNAMICA ropes are just as strong as steel wire but weighs only 1/10, which makes the high technology ropes much easier to handle and safer to use compared with steel wire.

DYNAMICA ropes are used in a wide range of industries:Offshore, Wind, Maritime, Lifting, Towing and Fishing. Ex. are DYNAMICA slings used for lifting of wind turbines and wings (offshore & onshore) and DYNAMICA ropes are ex. used for deep sea operations and towing of vessels.

Dynamica Ropes are experts in unique rope and sling solutions. A combination of technically experienced employees and a new 35 meter long test bed,which has a capacity on 500 t make it possible for Dynamica Ropes to test different constructions and determine the right solution for a specific operations.

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Gustavo Ferraz de Luna
Senior Project Manager, International Projects
+45 42 14 91 75