Privat Virksomhed

Pioneering Data Collaboration for impact.

C-Log’s DC platform addresses the challenge of how different players within the maritime industry can share data.

The platform provides the tools that are needed for seamless data pooling including tools that ensures traceability and trust for instance through the use of Smart Contracts.

The platform addresses many challenges where inter-organizational collaboration is key, or where data is dispersed across multiple stakeholders. Guaranteeing traceability, transparency, and privacy enabling data owners to maintain control of their data assets.

A.P.O.L.L.O. I DC I Data Collaraboration platform

M-ID: Unified crew app

CCM: Competence & Capacity Management made simple
Ensure that your employees have the future required professional qualifications

DLM: Documentation Lifecycle Management for Issuers
Issuing digital certificates

Our Mission

Empower accelerated innovation
Across the blue economy, by creating seamless connected experiences with the power of digital.

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Thomas Vohs-Ahlers
Project Manager
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