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Bilfinger Salamis DK offers a wide range of inspection service with in the Oil and Gas, Wind and Marine industry.

- Project Manager/Coordinator
- Welding Engineer
- QC Welding Inspector
- QC Coating-FROSIO Inspector
- QC-Insulation FROSIO inspection
- Structural inspector
- ANDT Specialist
- Pressure vessel inspection ( PVI)
- NDT Technician Level II and III
- Rope Access Level III
- Drone Pilot

Conventional NDT

Bilfinger Salamis DK is an established provider of conventional, advanced and specialist Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services to the oil and gas, Wind energy, petrochemical and utilities sectors for onshore and offshore facilities.


Bilfinger Salamis DK provides a full range of conventional testing methods to clients, including:
- Ultrasonic Testing
- Radiographic Testing
- Dye Penetrant Testing
- Magnetic Particle Testing
- Eddy Current Testing
- Visual Inspection using Fibro scope / Boro scope / Video / CCTV
- Hardness testing
- Positive Material Identification ( PMI) using an XRF Analyser

Advanced NDT

We offer a comprehensive range of advanced NDT systems that individually, or in partnership, provide effective and robust solutions to satisfy the demand for non-intrusive inspection.
- Digital Radiography
- Non-Intrusive Inspection
- Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) - Weld Corrosion
- Phased Array Ultrasonic - Flange Face Corrosion
- Phased Array - Corrosion Mapping
- Phased Array - Small Bore Weld Inspection and Weld Inspection
- Robotic Crawlers
- UAV Drones
- Corrosion Under Insulation inspection

Rope Access

As a specialist provider of alternative access techniques, Bilfinger Salamis DK offers a wide range of inspection service in Rope Access, all of Bilfinger Salamis DK Employees are IRATA certified so these experienced teams can deploy at short notice to carry out inspection to ensuring safety and time critical activities go ahead as scheduled.
- Topside static process equipment inspection
- Topside structural inspection
- Jacket inspection
- Vessel inspection
- Conventional NDT
- Radiography inspection
- Advanced NDT inspection

Industrial rope access is a proven method of achieving a safe work position at height or in areas of difficult access, and offers solutions for inspection, construction and maintenance services across most onshore and offshore assets.

Rope access offers many benefits over traditional access methods such as scaffolding, cradles or MEWP, and allows an extended range of services to be deployed, whilst delivering cost and time benefits for our clients.

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Henrik Böhmer
Project Manager
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